Aims & Scope

AJPM Focus is the official open access journal of the Association for Prevention Teaching and Research and the American College of Preventive Medicine. The aim of this journal is to serve as the academic open access repository for high-quality prevention evidence across the global spectrum of health. The journal's scope spans all aspects of public health and preventive medicine practice, teaching, and research, including: community medicine, community health, and global health; assessment, policy development, and assurance; health promotion, health protection, and disease prevention; population medicine, population health, and population health management, such as health systems and services delivery; and clinical preventive medicine, integrative medicine, and lifestyle medicine. Papers that interconnect or thoughtfully dissect topics within these foci are desirable.

Original papers, reviews, and editorials based on quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methodologies, including all experimental and observational designs, are welcomed. The journal also encourages the submission of other scholarly articles such as case studies; articles that report pilot data analyses and preliminary results; studies with null or negative results; replication studies; primary or secondary research protocols; program evaluations, quality improvement findings, and policy analyses; and implementation, translation, and synthesis science studies. Lastly, the journal publishes AJPM papers devoted to areas of interest to public health and preventive medicine when funders mandate publication in a fully open access journal.